Flowering Streptocarpus with new lightweight pot covers!

10cm Flowering Streptocarpus with our new lightweight pot covers are available now - and make an ideal gift.  

With the lightweight pot covers, the price is only £12 including carriage!

The ideal gift for Streptocarpus fans! Your Streptocarpus will be full of bud, and will be full of flower within weeks. Grown in a 10cm pot. This is a natural gift which, with a little bit of love, will reward the recipient with many months of flowers. 

Plants can be despatched for specific dates or within 5 working days. The range of varieties available depends on the time of year. PRICE INCLUDES POSTAGE! ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UK. 

Daily Mail: houseplant heaven. Article about Dibleys

Houseplant heaven: You don't need a garden to enjoy plants, says the woman who runs one of Britain's biggest houseplant nurseries

  • Lynne Dibley says the Victorian trend for house plants can work just as well now 
  • Suggest some of her favourites to work in your own indoor garden 
  • She believes we're entering a boom time for houseplants, as homes get smaller and urban dwellers crave more greenery 

A lovely article by Constance Craig Smith.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/gardening/article-4279222/Houseplant-heaven-don-t-need-garden-enjoy-plants.html#ixzz4aSGiCL1C