DIBLEYS GARDEN OPEN THIS WEEKEND. For Charity. 30 April, 1 and 2 May

The National Gardens Scheme Logo, Gardens open for charity
Come and join us this weekend when our garden is open under the National Garden Scheme.

Our nursery is set within a 10 acre aboretum.  The paths are of grass and strong footwear is advisable!

The garden is planted with many unusual specimen trees and shrubs.  There are large numbers of RhododenDibleys Nurseries Gardendron, Sorbus, Hollys, Acers and Buddlejas.  Chemicals are not used in the garden which has led to a great diverse range of wildlife with an exceptionally strong bird population.  Birds which are seen and heard regularly around the garden include Buzzards, Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Wrens and Ravens.



Harrogate Awards

At the Harrogate Spring Flower Show last week, Dibleys won a Premier award for the streptocarpus display and a silver gilt award for the begonia display. Dibleys also won the Harrogate Corporation Award (see photo of cup). 

Send a flowering streptocarpus for Easter

Why not give a beautiful flowering streptocarpus plant for Easter this year?
You can choose from a range of our free flowering streptocarpus (£9.80 including first class post and packing).  You can also add a quality ceramic display pot (£16.80 for plant and pot, including first class post and packing).

Your recipient will receive the plants within a couple of days of them being hand picked from the benches of our Glasshouses. They will be growing in a 10 cm pot, well established and full of bud. Within 2-3 weeks the plants will be a mass of colour.

Order now at http://dibleys.com/dibleys-shop/Flowering_houseplants_direct_to_your_door.html

BBC Gardeners' World / Yours Magazine Collection

 As seen in the BBC Gardeners' World Magazine and Yours Magazine, an excellent value collection of Streptocarpus plants!
Rose Halo, Seren, Harlequin Blue, Katie, Scarlett, Crystal Ice

A collection of some of the easiest and most rewarding houseplants, flowering from April-October. They are dispatched as well established plugs. Full growing instructions and catalogue included. Plants are guaranteed 30 days from date of despatch.

See the collection in our online shop:  http://dibleys.com/dibleys-shop/BBC_Gardeners__World_Magazine_Collection.html

Saintpaulia Gallery. Varieties available now!

As well as our range of Saintpaulias available in our catalogue, we have added lots more varieties only available online! Available on a first-come first served-basis. The range includes bi-coloured, variegated, trailing, doubles & miniatures. None of these varieties are readily available from any other source in this country.  Have a look through this gallery or click on the link below to take you to our online shop.