Dibleys Achimenes Catalogue now out

Welcome to Dibleys Achimenes Catalogue.  This is our 3rd colour catalogue of Achimenes, and this year we have included a section of related plants which grow in similar conditions and have a similar growth habit, i.e. they die back to rhizomes for the winter. In the wild Achimenes are mainly distributed in Mexico with some species native to Central and South America and the West Indies.These plants were very popular in the nineteenth century when many new hybrids were introduced, their popularity picked up again in the 1940’s but had declined again by the end of the twentieth century.We have managed to collect many varieties over the last few years and hope that yet again they can become the justly popular houseplants that they once were.
For those of you who have never grown Achimenes before, the Gift Pack is a good way to get stated as it contains everything you will need to grow 6 of these easy to grow plants (see page 6).
All our sundries, on pages 8-10, make excellent Christmas gifts for growers of all abilities. The Electric Propagators and Propagator Warming Mat are a very useful additional kit to any gardener as it enables you to keep propagating and growing young plants throughout winter.The Grow Light Garden is a fantastic piece of equipment, to either keep plants growing and flowering during the winter, or to situate in a dark corner and fill with a beautiful display of plants the year round.