RHS Streptocarpus Plant Trials

Here are some images of the Royal Horticultual Society trials at Dibleys Nurseries and the judges on their second visit. There is one more assessment in October left, and a good number of the plants are performing well. The plants have all come from plugs which were potted into 10cm pots in early June, and then re-potted into 13cm pots in early August.
Especially looking good are Scarlett and Roulette Azur.

More information about RHS Plant Trials is available at http://www.rhs.org.uk/Plants/Plant-trials-and-awards

Harlequin Blue #rhschelsea plant of the decade

We have collected together some of the web pages and articles about the Chelsea Plant of the Centenary.  Don't forget to vote for our Streptocarpus Harlequin Blue on the RHS website.

Matt Biggs chooses Dibleys plant in his top 10 list at Tatton Park.

Matt Biggs, broadcaster, writer and plant expert selects his top 10 plants from the Tatton Park Floral Marquee and tells us why they are well worth a look.  One of the varieties he looks at is Dibleys' Begonia 'Snowstorm'.  Scroll just past one minute into the video to see the Begonia. (You can see Rex and Gareth Dibley in the background!)