How to Grow Strawberries


Saintpaulia or Saint Augustine grass, is a type of grass which is tolerant to drought, moss, and other rots. It cannot grow when the soil is too wet or too dry. Place them in a sunny spot that is protected from the wind. This type of grass also damages the roots when it is too dry. So, you have to water them deeply, but keep the soil moist. This type of grass is usually used for lawns, especially in difficult areas.

So, if you are looking for a type of grass that can be low maintenance and looks great, then you should look at Saint Augustine grass.

Saintpaulia is commonly used in shaded areas, because of their wonderful airy habit, which provides shade to the garden. They need to be planted between 6 and 10 inches deep, with rows that are 12 inches apart. If you have any problems with moss in your garden, then you can cover the St. Augustine grass with some of the erect grasses in your garden. This will prevent the moss from climbing up the grass and stripping the St. Augustine grass bare.

Golden feverfew:

Golden feverfew, it is also known as wallflower or wall plantain, has small whitish flowers, the color of which depends on the type of sunlight the plant receives. It is usually planted to be one foot apart from the other plants. The flowers stay open for two to three days, with seedpods developing on the top of the plant. If you want to attract hummingbirds to your garden, you should plant this type of grass in full sun.

Evergreen strawberries:

If you want to have a permanent supply of strawberries, then you should consider growing evergreen strawberry plants. It will take about four years for evergreen strawberries to mature but they are notorious for being delicious and delicious. So, if you are interested in growing strawberries, this is the best option. The first thing to require is strawberry plants that are evergreen. There are several types of evergreen strawberries, so you may choose what type you want in terms of taste, strawberries per plant or the number of strawberries per plant. The evergreen type of strawberries will be able to attract wildlife like birds and deer.

If you want to grow strawberries with a lot of runners, you should choose the climbing type of evergreen strawberries. Growing strawberries with this kind will be really hard. You will have to create a trellis for the climbing variety of evergreen strawberries. The type of evergreen strawberries that are suitable for growth are the ones that have paper-thin leaves. You can also choose the best type of evergreen strawberry plants to attract birds. Some of them are fragrant, and so this will be a plus for you.

Remember that the evergreen strawberries will be able to grow in full sunlight but they need certain nutrients to grow. You should pay attention to the fertilizing and watering regimen of the evergreen strawberry plants to grow them properly.


All of the above mentioned plants are really great choices for growing strawberries. You will not have a hard time finding evergreen strawberry plants, that are cheap and affordable. So, enjoy planting strawberries soon.