Dibleys' 2015 Lucky Dip now available - plants from only £1.72 per plug plant

Once again, we are very pleased to give you this wonderful opportunity to select your very own collection of favourite houseplant varieties at special prices. Firstly, choose the size of collection you would like (6, 12 or18), then select your first and second choice of varieties.  We will then aim to send you your favourite varieties in a special low price collection.  If we cannot match all your first choice, we will include varieties from your second choice to give you a lovely display. This offer is open until the end of October 2015.  Lucky Dipping!
Add Streptocarpus Polka-Dot Purple to your order for £5.00, no extra charge for postage and packing! Buy online now at http://www.dibleys.com/dibleys-shop/Lucky_Dip_.html

Purple Velvet

We have just been informed that the piece on Purple Velvet recorded by the BBC will now go out on Friday night's programme.
The royal visit has caused some reorganisation of schedules.

BBC film purple velvet

The BBC are due to film streptocarpus purple velvet for this evenings program.
The merit's of three new plants introduced at the Hampton court palace flower show will be discussed by the presenters.
Sadly my camera cannot do justice to its amazing deep purple colour.