Types of hybrids

There are two to three different hybrids of Saintpaulia. The first is an evergreen hybrid, the other a deciduous hybrid. The evergreen hybrid is known as Saintpaulia x hollandii. It has large flowers, large, dark green leaves and grows well in the border. It is quite easy to grow and ideal for the garden or a greenhouse. The deciduous hybrid, Saintpaulia decolor, is a tall upright plant, growing to a height of around 3m. It has large cream flowers, dark green leaves and smaller leaves. It does tend to get woody with age, so is best planted in a sheltered spot in the garden or near a greenhouse. The third common hybrid is Saintpaulia grandiflora, the large flowering hybrid. It has large blooms up to 5cm across and can grow up to 4m. It will grow in the garden looked after by a shrub hedge. Plants have a mounded growth habit and make excellent hedges. They are also popular as border plants. The leaves are broadest along the leading shoot. The lower leaves are smaller and usually have a grey tint. They are also connected to the growth at the stem with a limb.


Hollyhock, of the family of acers, has around 50 species of acer species. They are native to therost in northern hemisphere. They are popular as bedding plants in the cottage garden for their showy red flowers in winter. Some species of Hollyhock are toxic to cats and dogs, so keep themPyarrantedin a secure place. They can also be grown ingarden planters. Choose the evergreen species, which have variegated or pink flowers.


Abelia is a genus of around 30 species, all of which are evergreen. It is a herbaceous plant and is found in many climates from Japan through to tropical Asia. It is shrubby in temperate areas, and has large leaves and flowers in pink, white or purple. Plant them in a sheltered spot in sun and the leaves will grow 2-4cm long, the flowers being short and pinky-purple at the end of each stem.


Lavender, of the mint family, is a popular plant with many varieties grown both for its flowers and foliage. It has small flowers that are either white or lilac. The small flowers are sweetly scented and have a wonderful floral scent. All lavenders have a wonderful aromatic scent. Dry the flowers and use them in tea, jam or perfume.


Geraniums are very pretty plants with around 300 species around the world. They prefer a sunny spot and rich soil. They can be grown in pots as well as in the garden. They need quite a lot of water and regular feeding and could be a difficult plant to grow.


There are around 7,000 different species of roses worldwide. They prefer full sun and well drained soil. They can be fragrant and quite fragrant. The flowers are often fragrant but can be slightly uncomfortable to smell.


There are about 25 different varieties of thyme. They too prefer full sun and good drainage. The leaves are often used as flavor in cooking.

Lemon Thyme

There are 250 species of Lemon Thyme. They grow in full sun and like well drained soil.


Sage is a perennial herb. It can grow to over 2 meters tall. It prefers full sun and well drained soil. Very easy to grow, they need daily watering and can’t withstand frosts.


Chives are part of the onion and garlic family. They are a fairly easy plant to grow, whether you grow them from seed or cuttings. You can plant a clove or two directly into the soil, although I don’t recommend this for small plants. Or you can grow them in a pot. They should be planted in late spring