Saint and Saint Augustine


Saintpaulia or Saint Augustine grass, is a type of African Daisy originated in South Africa. The name comes from the procumbent (growing) buds of the plant. The tall blue/green grass is also known as Cape Heath, which is the traditional turf of the area. These magnificent plants weighted up with huge single Stockton Fonged true leaves, create a stunning scene which will really catch the eye. Saint Augustine is ideal for situations where the lawn is a bit sparse and informal. A specimen plant in a pot can look stunning, on a patio or beside a fence. Keep them tidy by deadheading and trimming. They prefer a shady area, but also adore the sun. Deadhead as you would domesticdwarf daffodils.

4) Liriope

Liriope comes from the Continents of the Middle East and is a relatively low growing evergreen shrub. This is an absolutely stunning plant with large glossy green leaves and larger flowers than many species. They are relatively easy to grow and after establishing themselves in your garden, need weekly watering and some feedings. However, they do not like to be moved and should be retained Place in sunniest spot in the garden until established. Then adapt to partial shade as they grow.

5) Garden Mums

Garden mums are a must for any moss garden. Their vibrant mossy coloured leaves are a great addition to any shady area of the garden. But the real star of the Mummy is its large flowers. They are ruffled with fine hairs and bring a truly stunning look to the garden. And if you’re looking for a multi-purpose plant to wow your family, then the Garden Mummy is a must.

6) canopygars

There are some canopygars that flower with scented pink and white flowers in winter to add a slightly different type of wow factor to the garden. All in all they are fairly hardy, and can be trimmed fairly easily to keep a well maintained looking canopy.

7) goji

The goji is a very popular plant in the UK. Very small flowers but with large seeds and gorgeously coloured petals. They are easy to grow as long as you get the watering aspect right. The flowers can beTemple coloured 19 to 24 months of the year and emerge at the same time as the leaves do.

8) lazy susans

There are eight varieties of lazy susan available in the UK. These are all very hardy, easy to maintain, and will provide you with stunning flowers for years. Grow them in the garden or leave them in pots and let them wander.

9) bellflowers

These charming bellflowers will add magic to your fringes. Bellflowers like cool sunny spots and are happy in both sun and shades. 16 to 18 inches tall and lavender or white in colour.

10) daffodils

Narcissus daffodils, just as many English garden flowers, offer up a glorious display of golden yellow, star-shaped flowers that have a glorious claret centre. Whilst the daffodil is a true dwarf, the yellow trumpet daffodil also offers up a glorious scent.

11) grape hyacinth

This beautiful little flower only has four leaves and three petals but make up for this appearance with a superbly large golden trumpet. The 16 to 18 inch flower petals are dotted amongst a canopy of vine like leaves; the leaves are glossy and fern like and the 9 inch trumpet is golden yellow.

12) bluebell

A beautiful little blue bell almost identical to the larger honey bell. The six inch flower petals are mainly composed of a light blue but have some yellow in the middle.

13) Move over Easy!

This gorgeous little flower has an aroma to spare. four inch purple bell has an aroma and likes a sheltered sunny position. Move over gardeniosa for best results.

14) Angel wings

These have wing-like arrangement of petals traces of purple. They are slightly wavy topped with straight upper petals. The fragrance is delicious, tobacco. Two varieties to try; the bluebells Aida or the jam apta lace, a beautifully perfumed little flower.

15) Don Juan

This Isn’t quite a peony! The fragrant dust covering these tiny 2 inch flowers is actually a type of chrysanthemum. Grows to 12 inches tall and has four to five inch round flower. The first two inches are a little darker and the self-cleaning ability! Snips off the three remaining petals will shed water. Flower must cure and be stored in cool frost free glassine.