Alys Fowler on streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice' in The Guardian

In Saturday's The Guardian, Alys Fowler says 'We all need a little cheer this month'. It's best to choose 'houseplants that won't mind your fickle love and neglectful ways.' She continues by saying that 'Streptocarpus are pretty forgiving.' And recommends our variety (bred by Lynne Dibley), streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice', which flowers all year round. 'it's as if someone's taken a paintbrush to a white flower and gently brushed violet along its throat – stunning. A plant in bud in a ceramic pot, with food for four months, is on offer at £16.80, including delivery (it can deliver for Valentine's Day).' Read Alys's article: See Crystal Ice in our online shop: