A flower therapy class

I’m doing a flower therapy program.
It consists of a total of six sessions, and it was planned evenly with flowers, flower, flower, and craft.
The centerpiece was made using real flowers.
If you prepare more than four programs, you usually use real flowers first.
It is also a material that highlights flower therapy and horticultural treatment, and if you choose the material well, it will be completed beautifully no matter how you make it.
You may think that flower therapy is awkward and difficult during class because it’s all your first time.
But when I see a beautifully completed work, I feel proud and confident.
I’m looking forward to the next episode
If the results completed in the first hour do not meet expectations, the attendance rate of the class may decrease from the next hour. ^^;;
The ingredients should always be of good quality and the combination should be carefully prepared.
Regardless of whether the subject is a child or an adult, everyone knows the sincerity and effort they have prepared.
I don’t think there will be any flower therapy instructors or horticultural therapists anymore, but there were people who often used stock.
The instructor will continue to teach at other institutions, but those who participate in the class will only meet flower therapy or horticultural treatment once at most.
As it is a medium of plants and flowers, I hope you prepare the ingredients carefully.
As it is not a regular flower lesson, we only delivered basic grooming methods and precautions.
Since there are no set rules, works with individuality as many as the number of participants are created!
Students who were initially hesitant participate actively from the middle of the class.
It’s not to like someone’s standards or to like it, but to focus on making a work that I like.
There were a lot of students who got up and worked.
I was proud to see you sharing the materials with your friends, helping each other, and giving way.
Since it was prepared for the purpose of fruit, only clean leaves and fruits were organized and used as points.
I think colorful flowers will smell good, but sometimes wild flowers are more fragrant than roses.
In this class, Hyangdeunggol sprouts were in charge of scent!
a nearly finished centerpiece
There are some friends who take pictures, and some who go out with a big heart to give a gift to someone.
I briefly explained how to manage it and finished it.

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