Proposed Indoor Garden Interior Garden Vertical Garden Hanging Plant

A few ideas to look at that would be good to incorporate into the production of the house plantar.

There are some ideas to look at that would be good to incorporate into the production of the house plantar, so I introduce them.
In the form of decorating an indoor garden through plants, there are various plant areas in addition to the indoor interior garden composition view and hanging plants using vertical gardens and pendant boxes.
This is a suggestion view of Hanging & Vertical Interior Garden in the form of plant decorative directing.
It is a hanging plant that is hung from the ceiling near the wall with a hanging garden configuration.
In this regard, I have also introduced a lot.
It is called the Buttical Garden and also the Plant Wall Vertical Garden.
By spreading a green garden on the wall, spatial constraints are eliminated and greenness is added.
What would it be like to direct the house as a planter like this?
If you want to make a plantar full of houses,
If you buy one like this in the form of a garden inside the house, you can slightly relieve the worries of ssam vegetables when you think of meat.
These various indoor gardens have also been introduced.
It is in the form of pendant lighting, but it is a hanging gallery flower with a plant box.
It has a spirit and can be produced, but in fact, it seems that management will be easy.
Aren’t pets and pet plants originally grown up by eating love?
You won’t be able to do anything if you think it’s hard.
In the form of a plant interior using a spherical glass bottle, this is a hanging plant composition.
It is also a good idea to capture the freshness of the side of the house through these stand-shaped decoration pots.

Indoor Garden Interior-1

The tree-shaped stand decorative flowerpot composition makes it look as if plants are embroidered in the air.
This combination of green and green plantar with white modern interior will give life and make it more valuable and lose.
It is a plantar form of various hanging configurations.
It is a plant production view composed of a plant wall in the form of a wall hanging.
It is good to decorate a plant decoration on one side of the wall by combining vine plants with a hexagonal wire mesh on the right.
It is also good to make plant box structures using round bars and rebars and use various plants and decorations.
1010 A variety of structural frames can be constructed using round bars, rebars, and 10×10 angled pipes, and the walls can be decorated by combining decorative boxes or acrylic lighting boxes.
I have posted a link regarding such various cases above, so you can refer to it together.

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