Development of a new variety of succulent flower giraffe ‘Red Shine’ at the Agricultural Research and Extension Services

The Cactus Succulents Research Institute of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology announced on the 29th that it has developed a new variety of ‘Red Shine’, ‘Flower Giraffe’, a succulent that can be seen indoors all year round.

The flower giraffe is a succulent plant native to Madagascar, and the name was given because the shape of the flower resembles a giraffe, and it means ‘to keep the depth of hardship’.

As long as you take good care of water, sunlight, and nutrition, you can see flowers all year round, and the flowers come in various colors such as red, pink, and yellow.

It is sold annually at the flower market, and it is easy to purchase as it has the highest circulation in March and April. It can withstand high temperatures and drought well, and as the size and color of flowers are diversifying, consumption is steadily increasing.

The ‘Redshine’ variety developed this time has a high ornamental value because the flower color is glossy red and the flower size is large.

For domestic distribution, technology is transferred to some qualified groups or farmers, such as in the seed industry, and can be met with consumers after mass production.

It is also planned to test cultivation in the Netherlands, where it has signed an overseas export contract.