Send a flowering streptocarpus for Easter

Why not give a beautiful flowering streptocarpus plant for Easter this year?
You can choose from a range of our free flowering streptocarpus (£9.80 including first class post and packing).  You can also add a quality ceramic display pot (£16.80 for plant and pot, including first class post and packing).

Your recipient will receive the plants within a couple of days of them being hand picked from the benches of our Glasshouses. They will be growing in a 10 cm pot, well established and full of bud. Within 2-3 weeks the plants will be a mass of colour.

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BBC Gardeners' World / Yours Magazine Collection

 As seen in the BBC Gardeners' World Magazine and Yours Magazine, an excellent value collection of Streptocarpus plants!
Rose Halo, Seren, Harlequin Blue, Katie, Scarlett, Crystal Ice

A collection of some of the easiest and most rewarding houseplants, flowering from April-October. They are dispatched as well established plugs. Full growing instructions and catalogue included. Plants are guaranteed 30 days from date of despatch.

See the collection in our online shop:

Saintpaulia Gallery. Varieties available now!

As well as our range of Saintpaulias available in our catalogue, we have added lots more varieties only available online! Available on a first-come first served-basis. The range includes bi-coloured, variegated, trailing, doubles & miniatures. None of these varieties are readily available from any other source in this country.  Have a look through this gallery or click on the link below to take you to our online shop.

New Dibleys Catalogue - Download it now!

Dibleys 2011 Houseplant Catalogue is out now! 
Once again we have great pleasure in bringing you our new catalogue in which you find a much extended range of plants and accessories.

In the last year we have been awarded a total of 9 Gold Medals at RHS shows including our 21st Chelsea Gold. Streptocarpus 'Harlequin Blue' was voted by a large majority as the Best Introduction at Chelsea 2010. If you have not tried the plant yet we can certainly recommend it as something quite different and very beautiful.  For this year we have 5 new Streptocarpus, 4 bred here on the nursery (see page 4) that we think you will find a lovely addition to your collection.

Our range of Achimenes continues to expand and these beautiful plants are enjoying a resurgence in popularity; they are so easy to grow. If you like Saintpaulias we think we have the largest selection available in Europe with a number of new interesting introductions this year.

We have added another new genus to our range of plants, scented Pelargoniums (page 28), something with a new dimension to include in your plant collection.
You will see on the back-cover that we are now able to send you fully grown Streptocarpus plants that are just coming into flower, by post. Ideal as gifts or for instant impact.

Do come and visit us - I don't think you will be disappointed. You will of course, be able to buy a wide range of plants and the accessories to grow them. Our glasshouses are open for you to see thousands of flowering plants being grown, giving a definite 'wow factor'. Our Garden is also open through the Spring and Summer. There are about 8 acres of trees and shrubs, many rare and unusual with colour throughout the season.

Do remember that many plants listed in this catalogue will grow happily outside through the Summer, either as patio plants or as bedding. We trust you will find plenty to interest you herein and that will give you a lot of pleasure in the coming season.
You can order the catalogue through the post by going to www,

Dibleys' Autumn Achimenes Catalogue now out!

The new Dibleys’ Achimenes Catalogue is out now, which after its first year has proved to be a very popular addition to our season. We are very grateful for all the interest our customers have shown during the year.

Achimenes are such rewarding plants to grow and there is great pleasure in watching them develop from small rhizomes into attractive free flowering pot plants ranging in colour from delicate pastels to bright and vivid hues. For this years selection we have an additional six new varieties which we hope you may like to try.
Some of the varieties we list were popular in Victorian times, for example Ami Van Houtte and the spectacular Ambroise Verschaffelt.We feel it is important to keep as many Achimenes varieties in cultivation as possible (the widest range in the UK), both to help preserve the genus and to make them directly available to you. If these plants are new to you, the Achimenes Gift Pack will provide a great way to get started, containing all the necessary items needed to produce a wonderful display of flowering plants for either in the house, greenhouse or conservatory during the Summer and early Autumn months.
We have added an extra four pages to this years catalogue, including current and new sundry items. Some of these will make excellent Christmas presents, especially the Grow Light Garden which will help to keep plants flowering through the dark winter months.Why not treat someone to the beautiful all year round flowering Streptocarpus Crystal Ice? It is delivered as a potted plant in our specially designed bespoke packaging.You can even add your own personal touch by choosing your own preferred colour of ceramic pot to match this stunning plant.