Dibleys 2015 catalogue now out!

As always we have some lovely new varieties of Streptocarpus bred on our Nursery. We think ‘Polka Dot Purple’ is really outstanding. Everyone working on the nursery picked this out as something really outstanding right from its first flowering several years ago.

We are also offering some of the streptocarpus varieties bred by Frank Davies, secretary of the British Streptocarpus Society. Check out their website www.streptocarpussociety.org.uk to make contact with other streptocarpus growers.

Dibleys Winter Catalogue

Winter may be the quiet season for gardening jobs but it is the ideal time to plan for next year. With this in mind we have once again put together a small catalogue for you to browse and get some ideas of some unusual houseplants to grow for summer colour. Achimenes are late spring/summer blooming plants, but the rhizomes need to be planted in spring to encourage a long flowering season. Throughout the summer achimenes thrive in the same growing conditions as streptocarpus; keep on the slightly dry side in good light but do not grow them in full summer sunshine.

This is also the time of year to search for Christmas gifts; and towards the back of this catalogue we have included some items which we think would make excellent presents for gardening friends and relations. The greenhouse caddy is ideal when space is short to keep small but important gardening bits and bobs together.

We are now offering a wider range of our streptocarpus as flowering pot plants with matching coloured ceramic pots; ideal as Christmas gifts for friends and family. Streptocarpus ‘Crystal Ice’ is an excellent long flowering variety producing masses of blue and white flowers, and is now available in two sizes.

Dibleys' 2014 Lucky Dip now available - plants from only £1.72 per plug plant

Once again, we are very pleased to give you this wonderful opportunity to select your very own collection of favourite houseplant varieties at special prices. Firstly, choose the size of collection you would like (6, 12 or18), then select your first and second choice of varieties.  We will then aim to send you your favourite varieties in a special low price collection.  If we cannot match all your first choice, we will include varieties from your second choice to give you a lovely display. This offer is open until the end of October 2014.  Lucky Dipping
Add Streptocarpus DS-Horus to your order for £5.00, no extra charge for postage and packing!